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You can't manage what you don't measure


Fleet manager - complete system that enables the management of the operation of real-time mine, offering a total control of production and with guaranteed payback of up to one year.

Drilling control

The Sodep offers a complete system management and drilling control , where you can monitor the situation of the hole , equipment and staff in real time.

Fuel anti escape

Minetrack FAE (Fuel Anti-Escape) is a solution that manages and monitors the consumption and any diversion of fuel in equipment.



Juliano Kuster (Votorantim Cimentos)

I stress the importance of Minetrack system in our underground mine , in view of the reliability of the information production and especially in relation to security, because we have the checklist ‘s on line in GAV monitor , and you can follow in real time the main events of equipment within the mine. Another important point to make is the control that was possible to create mining fronts and points that were previously manually controlled and always occurred failures , today we have the exact points and quality control functions as receive automated form of information minimizing errors launches and especially for interpretation.