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You can't manage what you don't measure


Fleet manager - complete system that enables the management of the operation of real-time mine, offering a total control of production and with guaranteed payback of up to one year.

Drilling control

The Sodep offers a complete system management and drilling control , where you can monitor the situation of the hole , equipment and staff in real time.

Fuel anti escape

Minetrack FAE (Fuel Anti-Escape) is a solution that manages and monitors the consumption and any diversion of fuel in equipment.


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We began the implementation of Minetrack in the Várzea do Lopes and Miguel Burnier mines for three years. In this period much has changed. In light of the information that has become available, we better understand the process variables and thus act firmly and consciously in the management of critical points such as Medium Distance Transport Management, Third Party Payment, Equipment Leasing and Quality Control of Stacks.

System reliability has improved audit processes, ensuring process smoothness.

We are continuing to evolve, convinced that we still have a lot to do on the way of controls on mine operations, but also that we have taken an important step with the use of Minetrack

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